Conditions of Entry & Rules 2016

Download 2016 Rules here.


1. Entries close on Friday, 1st. July and must be accompanied by correct entry fee.

2. All entries are made to and accepted by the Bannow & Rathangan Show Society Company Limited.

3. Cheques, Postal Orders and all monies payable to Bannow & Rathangan Show Society.

4. All Exhibits to be presented by 10.00 a.m. Ring 6 by 9.30 a.m. – Horse Jumping Entries (see Schedule)

5. Rosettes, Cards and Badges of other Shows not allowed on any exhibit.

6. No second prize for less than three entries and no third prize for less than five entries, no fourth prize for less than seven entries in any class. No prizes for one entry.

7. All horses shown in Riding Classes shall not be shown in hand except in the case of special prizes.

8. Neither the Company, Committee or Landowners will be responsible for any loss, accident or damage to any exhibit while at the show or in transit to or therefore.

All entries are accepted at Owners risk. No claim for compensation arising out of the Show will be entertained, neither will liability be accepted for any accident to any exhibitor, his or her servants or to any spectator present.

9. The Show Committee reserve the right to abandon or postpone the Show or cancel or alter any class.

10. No animal is eligible for entry in more than one Class except in the case of special prizes.

11. Exhibitors must satisfy themselves that their exhibits are in correct classes and bear correct number before judging commences.

12. All dogs must be on leads.

13. The decision of the Judges shall be final, and the instructions of stewards and officials must be obeyed at all times.

14. In the event of an appointed Judge not being available on day of show the committee reserves the right to appoint a Judge.

15. All Cups are Perpetual. The winner of any Cup shall be responsible to the Secretary for its safe custody and for production and delivery to the Society in the same condition in which it was received not later than 1st July, 2017.

16. All objections must be lodged with the Secretary within thirty minutes of the conclusion of the class or event concerned. No objection shall be accepted or considered by the Committee unless lodged before said time. Each objection shall be accompanied by a fee of €30 which will be retained if objection is over-ruled.

17. Each Exhibitor or their agent shall be prepared to certify all statements in his or her Entry Form in any manner the Committee may require.

18. Prize winners may at the discretion of the Judges and/or the Committee berequired to subject their animals to a Veterinary examination.

19. All foals must be adequately haltered and led, the Committee reserve the absoluteright to have any foal removed from the Show Grounds and to forfeit their entry fee if not properly led and haltered.

20. All entries made by telephone must be followed by correct entry fee.

21. A ‘Pass’ covers free entry to the show for one person only.

22. 5% on all prize winners in horse, pony, cattle and sheep classes will be deducted from prize winners and forwarded to the I.S.A.

23. Prize money for the Home Industry and Dogs will be paid out on Show Day and will have to be signed for.

24. Ages of Animals to be correctly stated on entry forms.

25. Cattle and Horses must be provided with sufficient halters and caretakers must be in attendance at all times during the day.

26. All animals to remain on Show Field until after 4 p.m.

27. All accidents/incidents to be reported to the Secretary.

28. Any animal out of box must be attended to.

29. Only one nomination to be won per Brood Mare, Horse/Pony in any one year, to be taken up by winning mare only and are non transferrable.

30. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to be on time for the judging of their class.

31. Prizes will be paid out on Show Day.

32. All exhibitors and persons admitted to the show and each entry shall be subject to the Rules, Orders and Regulations of the Society.

33. All riders should wear appropriate head gear, which complies with up to date Safety Standards.

34. Officers and Stewards of Bannow & Rathangan Show Society reserve the right to remove any animal that is considered a Health & Safety risk.

35. Exhibitors shall accept absolute responsibility in respect of the control and behaviour of their animals at the Show and shall provide halters for animals where appropriate. Exhibitors shall be solely responsible for all legal liability arising as a result of any injury or damage caused by any animal under their control to their property or the property of others at The Show.

36 No person will be admitted to solicit money for the sale of tickets or otherwise in the Grounds of the Society, except from a stall, with the prior permission of the Committee.

37. Intending exhibitors are advised to ensure that their Public Liability Insurance covers the exhibition of their Bloodstock/Livestock/any animal at Public Shows.