The results for the 2015 Bannow & Rathangan Show are available below or you can download a copy by clicking here.

Home Industry

Adult Cookery:
Wholemeal Loaf: 1st Justin Dempsey; 2nd Nancy Colfer; 3rd Tony Sexton
White Soda Bread: 1st Joan Sinnott; 2nd Ann Marie Toomey; 3rd Margaret Benson
Artisan Bread: 1st Sarah Cogley; 2nd Alice Cogley; 3rd Mona Ffrench
Light Fruit Cake: 1st Maureen McDermott; 2nd Joan Sinnott; 3rd Helena Forristal
Plain Scones: 1st Margaret Benson; 2nd Peg Finn; 3rd Breda O’Neill
Lemon Drizzle Cake: 1st Dora Kent, 2nd Karol Daly; 3rd Joan Sinnott
Egg Sponge: 1st Eileen Molloy; 2nd Domanique Pickett; 3rd Nancy Colfer
Fruit Tart: 1st Claire Forristal; 2nd Joan Sinnott; 3rd Sheila Furlong
Chocolate Biscuit Cake: 1st Anne Marie Toomey; 2nd Dorothy Warren; 3rd Karol Daly
Queen Cakes: 1st Linda Cadogan; 2nd April Coady; 3rd Dorothy Warren
Decorated Cupcakes: 1st Margaret Bohanna; 2nd Sinead O’Neill; 3rd AprilCoady
Homemade Biscuits: 1st Sarah Cogley; 2nd Alice Cogley; 3rd Teresa Banville
Tea Brack: 1st Geraldine Kelly; 2nd Joan Sinnott; 3rd Helena Forristal
Gingerbread: 1st Meta Bailey; 2nd Meta Bailey; 3rd Joan Sinnott
Carrot Cake: 1st Anne Crosbie; 2nd Anne Marie Toomey; 3rd Olive Power
Victoria Jam Sandwich: 1st Olive Power; 2nd Anne Crosbie; 3rd Joan Sinnott
Novelty Cake: 1st Olive Power; 2nd April Coady; 3rd Karol Daly
Harvest Loaf of the Show: 1st Jennifer Cox; 2nd Anne Crosbie; 3rd Olive Power
Most points in Cookery Classes 1-16: Joan Sinnott

Special Needs Cookery:
Queen Cakes: 1st Christine Byrne
Plain Scones: 1st Christine Byrne

Blackcurrant: 1st rose Hurley; 2nd Nancy Colfer; 3rd Margaret Benson
Raspberry: 1st Rose Hurley; 2nd Eileen Molloy, 3rd Margaret Benson
Strawberry: 1st Rose Hurley; 2nd Johanna Walsh, 3rd Eileen Molloy
Gooseberry: 1st Eileen Molloy, 2nd Margaret McCoole; 3rd Rose Hurley
Marmalade: 1st Rose Hurley; 2nd Ann Carthy; 3rd Johanna Walsh
Apple Jelly: 1st Eileen Molloy; 2nd Rose Hurley; 3rd Karol Daly
Most points in the Jam Section: Rose Hurley

Junior Cookery:
Plain Scones: 1st Eimear Crean & Eimear Roche; 2nd Darren Maddock; 3rd Clodagh Walsh
Decorated Cupcakes: 1st Nicole Cadogan; 2nd Cara Whelan; 3rd Grace Costello
Queen Cakes: 1st Nicole Cadogan; 2nd Darren Maddock; 3rd Rachel Crosbie

Children’s Cookery:
Queen Cakes: 1st Fiona Pettit; 2nd Amie Cadogan; 3rd Ross Warren
6 Scones: 1st Rachel Styles; 2nd Louise Kelly; 3rd Jamie Walsh
Dessert for 1 Person: 1st Becky O’Neill; 2nd John Crosbie; 3rd Charlie Reville
6 Biscuits: 1st Eoin Cleary; 2nd Orla Banville; 3rd Johanna Walsh
Decorated Cake (10 yrs & under): 1st Aaron Cousins; 2nd Ailbhe Cleary; 3rd Isobel McLoughlin
Decorated Cake (11-13 yrs): 1st Eamon O’Shea; 2nd John Crosbie; 3rd John Ryan
Chocolate Rice Crispie Buns (4 yrs & under): 1st Lucy O’Brien; 2nd Joe Bates; 3rd Joseph Cullen
Chocolate Rice Crispie Buns (5-6 yrs): 1st Faye Gallagher; 2nd Amy Berry; 3rd Jude Byrne
Chocolate Rice Crispie Buns (7-8 yrs): 1st Killian Maher; 2nd Eamon Furlong; 3rd Fionn Daly
Chocolate Rice Crispie Buns (9-10 yrs): 1st Victoria Gazeley; 2nd Katie Gammell; 3rd Conor Maher
Child Study (B&W): 1st Colin Browne; 2nd Natasha Walsh; 3rd Mick Kehoe
Colour Print (Landscape): 1st Myles Carrol; 2nd Colin Browne; 3rd Aoife Morris
Child Portrait: 1st Natasha Walsh; 2nd Meta Bailey; 3rd Anita Prale
Animal Study: 1st Allanah Ryan; 2nd PJ Nugent; 3rd Meanie Cadogan
Agricultural Scene: 1st Myles Lambert; 2nd Sinéad Kehoe; 3rd Natasha Walsh
Colour Print: 1st Amy Codd; 2nd Lynda Crosbie; 3rd Ken Ellard
Black & White Print: 1st Natasha Walsh; 2nd Sinéad Kehoe; 3rd Jacinta Doyle
Best Caption:1st Mick Kehoe; 2nd Meta Bailey 3rd Colin Browne
Sports’ Print: 1st Meanie Cadogan 2nd Mick Kehoe 3rd Natasha Walsh
Best Exhibit in Adult Photography Cass: Myles Lambert
Most points in Photography Casses 103-111: Natasha Walsh

Special Needs Section Photography:
Colour Print: 1st John Thomas; 2nd Jenny O’Reilly; 3rd Lee Colfer
Landscape Colour Print: 1st Ciara Banville

Junior Photography:
Child Study: 1st Ciara Banville; 2nd Karen Culleton; 3rd Tiernan Goff
Colour Print: 1st Lauryn Prole; 2nd Tiernan Goff; 3rd Jamuna Lambert
Animal Study: 1st Rebecca Banville; 2nd Bridget Nolan; 3rd Karen Culleton
Best Caption: 1st Ella Martin; 2nd Charlie Reville; 3rd Bridget Nolan; 4th Tiernan Goff

Junior Art & Craft:
Free-hand drawing depicting the Show (9yrs & under): 1st & 2nd Katie Gammell; 3rd Michael Brennan
Free-hand drawing depicting the Show (10-12yrs): 1st Natasha Kelly; 2nd Óisin Kehoe; 3rd Ashling Foskin
Free-hand drawing depicting the Show (13-17 yrs): 1st Elma Butler; 2nd Leabhras Kehoe
Handcraft (9 yrs & under): 1st Roísin Hunt; 2nd John Kehoe; 3rd Alannah Ryan
Handcraft (10-13 yrs): 1st Tara Lee Doyle; 2nd Johanna Walsh; 3rd Becky O’Neill
Handcraft (over 14 yrs): 1st James Butler; 2nd Laureen Cummins; 3rd Elma Butler

Adult Art & Crafts:
Exhibit in Decoupage: 1, Alice Bellamy; 2, Alice Jordan; 3, Jacinta Doyle.
Garment in Aran Knitting: 1, Mary Quirke; 2, Mary Quirke
Knitted Garment for a child: 1, April Coady; 2, Christine Murphy; 3, Joan Doyle
Article in Embroidery: 1, Madgie Mullins
Patchwork: 1, Maeve Keating; 2, Joan O’Brien; 3, Margaret Doyle
Cross Stitch: 1, Jo Hayes; 2, April Coady; 3, Lynda Crosbie
Handcraft Work: 1, Eileen Bennett; 2, Ciara O’Neill; 3, Bridget Nolan
Dressed Doll: 1, Tara Lee Doyle; 2, Bridget Whelan; 3, Joan Doyle
Cotton Crochet: 1, Bridget Whelan; 2, Nicola Doyle; 3, Bridget Whelan
Wool Crochet: 1, Joan Doyle; 2, Elizabeth Gibbons; 3, Mairéad Culleton
Soft Toy: 1, Mary O’Brien; 2, Joan O’Brien; 3, Margaret McCoale
Cushion Complete: 1, Christine Murphy; 2, Frances Byrne; 3, Margaret Bohanna
Knitted Article: 1, Margaret Corish; 2, Christine Murphy; 3, Madgie Mullins
Watercolour Painting: 1, Elena; 2, Maureen Ostrich; 3, Jacintha Doyle
Oil Painting: 1, Rachel Cogley; 2, Ann Johnston; 3, Kenneth O’Connor
Painting in Acrylics: 1, Rose Colfer; 2, Dermot Firman; 3, Marie Kelly
Most outstanding Craft: Madgie Mullins
Most points in Adult Craft Classes 45-63: Christine Murphy

Special Needs Crafts:
Free Hand Painting (A3): 1, Karina Byrne; 2, Evelyn Carr; 3, Mary Quirke
Open Craft: 1, Antonette Byrne; 2, Mary Quirke; 3, Stella McLoan

Window Box: 1, Jennifer Cox; 2, Mai Cadogan; 3, Mai Cadogan
Flowering House Plant: 1, Joe Day; 2, Mai Cadogan; 3, Catherine Lambert
Foliage House Plant: 1, Catherine Lambert; 2, Nancy Colfer
Arrangement for Dining Table:1, Jane Symes; 2, Nancy Colfer; 3, Maureen Roche
Arrangement of 3 Blooms: 1, Callie Hore; 2, Angela Heffron; 3, Maureen Roche
Arrangement of Wild Flowers: 1, Maureen Roche; 2, Mary Kelly; 3, Noeleen Jones
Arrangement for Bedside Locker: 1, Nancy Colfer; 2, Maureen Roche; 3, Nancy Colfer
Beautiful Leaves: 1, Callie Hore; 2, Paula Hore; 3, Maureen Roche
Hybrid Rose: 1, Michael Quirke; 2, Joe Day; 3, Robert Crosbie
Six Sweet Pea: 1, Annette Dupuy; 2, Marie Kavanagh; 3, Mai Cadogan
Arrangement for Hall Table: 1, Angela Heffron; 2, Maureen Roche; 3, Jane Symes
6 Garden Blooms (one variety): 1, Mai Cadogan; 2, Dorothy Warren; 3, Susan Furlong
6 Garden Blooms (Mixed variety):1, Maureen Roche; 2, Paula Hore; 3, Mai Cadogan
Tapestry Design:1, Paula Hore
Most outstanding Flower Exhibit: Paula Hore
Most points in Flower Classes 66-78a: Maureen Roche

Childrens Flowers:
Miniature Garden: 1, Emma Sinnott; 2, Ella Doran; 3, Charlotte Prole
Arrangement in a Child’s Shoe: 1, Rachel Crosbie; 2, Karen Culleton; ,d Becky O’Neill
Wild Flowers: 1, Ciara Banville; 2, Annie Brennan-Roche; 3, Lucy O’Brien

Carrots: 1, Jamie Walsh; 2, Jack Cullen; 3, Chloe & Gemma Monaghan
Head of Lettuce: 1, Jamie Walsh; 2, Johanna Walsh; 3, Christopher Keating
Onions: 1, Teresa Keating; 2, Christopher Keating; 3, Jamie Walsh
Head of Cabbage: 1, Jamie Walsh; 2, Joe & Robert Finn; 3, Christopher Keating
Leeks: 1, Chloe & Gemma Monaghan; 2, Jamie Walsh
Turnips: 1st Chloe & Gemma Monaghan; 2nd Jenny Whelan; 3rd Denis Cadogan
White Turnips: 1st Denis Cadogan
Stalks Rhubarb: 1st Nancy Colfer; 2nd Andy Reville; 3rd Nancy Colfer
Potatoes: 1, Peter Goff; 2, Andy Reville; 3, Rose Howlin
Tomatoes: 1, Chloe & Gemma Monaghan 2, Sinéad Scallon
Best Exhibit: Peter Goff
Most Points: Jamie Walsh

Farm Produce:
Sod for Pasture: 1st Ella Doran; 2nd Bertie Warren; 3rd John Banville
Sheaf of Winter Oats: 1st Chloe & Gemma Monaghan; Noel Banville
Sample of Silage: 1st Arthur Sweetman; 2nd Conor Furlong; 3rd Chloe & Gemma Monaghan
Sod for Silage: 1st Chloe & Gemma Monaghan; 2nd John Banville; 3rd Arthur Sweetman
Sheaf of Spring Barley: 1st Pádraig Furlong; 2nd Chloe & Gemma Monaghan; 3rd Matty Reville
Sheaf of Winter Wheat: 1st Tomas Doran; 2nd Matty Reville; 3rd Gemma & Chloe Monaghan
2 Plants of Maize (open): 1st Clive Bailey; 2nd Chloe & Gemma Monaghan
2 Plants of Maize (under plastic): 1st Eamon O’Shea; 2nd Clive Bailey; 3rd Chloe & Gemma Monaghan
Fodder Beet: 1st Chloe & Emma Monaghan; 2nd Bertie Warren; 3rd Bertie Warren
Sheaf of Spring Oats: 1st Patrick Power; 2nd Conor Furlong; 3rd Chloe & Gemma Monaghan
Sheaf of Spring Wheat: 1st Chloe & Gemma Monaghan
Sheaf of Winter Barley: 1st Bertie Warren; 2nd Bertie Warren; 3rd James Doran
Most Points in Farm Produce: Chloe & Gemma Monaghan


Brood Mare – 1, PJ Lehane’s PJ’s Dream by Lux Z-PJ’s Hope Bd Exh; 2, Nick Murphy’s Rose Garland by Mr H-Croghan Mist Bd Paddy Murphy; 3, Derry Rothwell’s Greenhall Diamond Lady by Colin Diamond-Greenhall Cailin Deas Bd Exh.

Mare & Foal (60/40) – 1, Patrick Wafer’s Parkmore Evita by Ghareeb-Parkmore Sunrise f f by Robin De La Maison; 2, Derry Rothwell’s Greenhall Diamond Lady by Colin Diamond-Greenhall Cailin Deas f f by Financial Reward; 3, John Roche’s Assagart Sapphire by Flagmount King-Nordic Dream f f by Coroner.

Champion Mare – PJ Lehane’s PJ’s Dream by Lux Z-PJ’s Hope Bd ;Reserve – Nick Murphy’s Rose Garland by Mr H-Croghan Mist Bd Paddy Murphy

RDS Breeders Qualifier 2015
Q PJ Lehane’s PJ’s Dream by Lux Z-PJ’s Hope Bd Exh c f by Munther.
Q J.J. Bowe’s Ghareeb’s Porter by Porter Rhodes-Ghareeb Sky Bd Exh c f by Dilshaan.
Q Patrick Wafer’s Parkmore Evita by Ghareeb-Parkmore Sunrise f f by Robin De La Maison.

ISA Mare & Foal Qualifier (Iverk)
Q Patrick Wafer’s Parkmore Evita by Ghareeb-Parkmore Sunrise f f by Robin De La Maison
Q J.J. Bowe’s Ghareeb’s Porter by Porter Rhodes-Ghareeb Sky Bd Exh c f by Dilshaan

ISA West Cork Breeders Qualifier
Q Derry Rothwell’s Greenhall Diamond Lady by Colin Diamond-Greenhall Cailin Deas f f by Financial Reward
Q Bobby Moore’s Ghareeb Star by Grange Bouncer-Diamond Spa c f by Cavalier Land

Gain Mare Premiums –
1, Derry Rothwell’s Greenhall Diamond Lady by Colin Diamond-Greenhall Cailin Deas; 2, Patrick Wafer’s Parkmore Evita by Ghareeb-Parkmore Sunrise; 3, J.J. Bowe’s Ghareeb’s Porter by Porter Rhodes-Ghareeb Sky; 4, Ronnie McCombe’s My Lisnagade by Emperor Augustus-Right Time; 5, Oliver Walsh’s Silver Super Lady by Fast Silver; 6, Terence Keogh’s Kyle Vano by Silvano-Coolcurran Cool Diamond.

Colt Foal –
1, J.J. Bowe’s by Dilshaan-Ghareeb Porter; 2, P.J. Lehane’s by Munther-PJ’s Dream; 3, Matt Cosgrove’s by Landsdown

I.S.A. Filly Foal Qualifier (Moate) – Patrick Wafer’s by Robin De La Maison-Parkmore Evita

Filly Foal –
1, Patrick Wafer’s by Robin De La Maison-Parkmore Evita; 2, Derry Rothwell’s by Financial Reward-Greenhall Diamond Lady; 3, Ronnie McCombe’s by Frankfort Boy-MyLisnagade.

Foal Champion – Patrick Wafer’s by Robin De La Maison-Parkmore Evita

Nomination to Lansdown – 1, Matt Cosgrove’s Equable Abbey by Puissance-Lady of Spain

Nomination to any Redinagh Stud Sire – Pat Quigley’s c f by Cavalier Land-Miss Potter

Nomination to Killinick Bouncer – Claire Atkinson’s Setanta by Emperor Augustus-Tara Abbey

Dry Mare – 1, John Roche’s Travelling Solo by The Traveller; 2, Mrs Daphne Tierney’s Bloomfield Abbey by Master Imp-Bloomfield Rebekah; 3, John & Julia Crosbie’s Hankalaine by Hankalo-Cleolaine
Irish Draught Mare – 1, John & Pat Wafer’s Silver by Tiger Hill-Meadowland Heather; 2, Judith Cowley’s Leitra Lady by Glenlara-Red Ash; 3, Martin & Majella Fahey’s Tully’s Kimberley by Crosstown Dancer-Tully’s Mist

Working Horse – 1, Thomas Walsh’s Joker; 2, Michael O’Brien’s Harvey; 3, Jim Rochford’s Charlie

Yearling Filly – 1, Joan O’Connor’s by Frankfort Boy-Greenhall Indicator; 2, Tom Power’s by Spirit House-Queenie; 3, John Williams’ Mantlehill Diamond Grey by Pointilliste-Temple Crest

Yearling Colt/Gelding – No Entry

Champion Yearling – Herbie Deacon’s ch by Power Blade.

I.S.A. Two Year Old Gelding Qualifier (Tinahely) – No Entry

2 Year Old Gelding – 1, Ronnie McCombe’s Son of Augustus by Emperor Augustus-My Kealdera Lady; 2, George Chapman

I.S.A 2 Year Old Filly Qualifier (Kildysart) – Q Ger & Sadie Murphy’s Tara B by VDL Arkansas

2 Year Old Filly – 1, John Roche’s Assagart Velvet by Colin Diamond-Assagart Golden Girl; 2, Anita Ronan’s Jazz Time by Lansdown; 3, Brendan Tobin’s Sophies Reward by Financial Reward-Sophies Girl

3 Year Old Filly – 1, Judith Cowley’s Graigueaverne Aurora by Kensons Aragon-Graigueaverne Alice; 2, Ronnie McCombe’s Tempany Sapphire by Emperor Augustus-Slate Quarry Shasa; 3, Michael Lynch’s WRS Sun Rich-Colgan

3 Year Old Gelding – 1, John & Pat Wafer’s by Royal Storm-Diamond Wish; 2, Herbie Deacon’s by Ars Vivendi-Sophia Four; 3, Michael Murphy’s Ballylarkin Blaze

Coloured Led Horse – 1, Trevor Horgan’s skew g 2 yrs by Out of Touch-Tullibards Caledonia; 2, Trevor Horgan’s skew filly 1 yr by Mr. Big Cat-Jabs Traveller; 3, Joe Walsh’s filly 1 yr by Ashkawar-Hillfarm Lass

Champion Young Horse – John Roche’s Assagart Velvet by Colin Diamond-Assagart Golden Girl
Reserve – Judith Cowley’s Graigueaverne Aurora by Kensons Aragon-Graigueaverne Alice

3 Year Old Horse All Ireland Championship Final
Part of the Horse Sport Ireland National Showing Championship Series

Champion-Rebecca Monaghan, Willow Brook, Crow Hill, Tulla, Co. Clare
Not A Lot bay filly s. Lancelot – Clooneen Cavalier Countessa by Cavalier Royale. Bdr. Mr. Jim Wallace, Clondrinagh, Kilmurray, McMahon, Kilrush, Co. Clare.
(Qualified at Tralee Show)

2nd Seamus Lehane, Ballard House, Ballymacowen, Clonakilty, Co. Cork.
Ballard Wise Guy bay gld s. Loughehoe Guy-Crosstown Ruby by Crosstown Dancer Bd. Ms. Teresa Cairns, Knockhunna, Norwood, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.
(Qualified at Tralee Show)

3rd Pat Martin & Dorothy Walsh, 115, Osborne Park, Belfast
Imperial Choice bay gld. s. Emperor Augustus-Artic Ginger by Artic Rocket. Bd Patrick Guildea, Filey House, Listillion, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.
(Qualified at Ballymoney Show)

4th Desmond Gibson, Hillside House, Rathfriland Road, Dromara, Co. Down
Ducketts Grove br gld s. Golden Master-Courageous Lady by George II. Bd Ruth Walsh, Ducketts Grove, Carlow
(Qualified at Armagh Show)

5th Margaret Jeffares, Ballykelly House, Drinagh, Wexford
Ballykelly Empress bay/br filly s. Emperor Augustus-Debbie’s Clover by Farney Clover Bdr. Exh.
(Qualified at Midleton).

6th Michael & Rachel Lyons, Kilmastulla, Birdhill, Co. Tipperary.
Kilmastulla Newmarket Spartacus bay g s. Newmarket Venture-Glenmuckla Alana by Cavalier Royale. Bd Brian Daly, Scarteen Stud, Newmarket, Co. Co. Cork.
(Qualified at Midleton Show)

Best Filly – Rebecca Monaghan’s Not A Lot
Best Turned Out Horse/Most Suitably Dressed Handler – Pat Martin & Dorothy Walsh’s Imperial Choice
Ridden Horses
Heavyweight Hunter – 1, Mrs Daphne Tierney’s Bloomfield Incognigo by Alda Cruise; 2, John Cleary’s Dolly Diamond Dancer by Rockrimmon Robusticus-Maggs Diamond; 3, Ann Brodigan’s King by Welcome Flagmount-Spring Daze

Mediumweight Hunter – 1, Lauren Gladwin’s Luigi Lorento by Mackney Clover-Claremoris Lady

Lightweight Hunter – 1, Laura Kelly’s Marley And Me by Kings Master-Bahrain Eile; 2, PJ Casey’s Kingsman by Omar; 3, Martha Rochford’s Drumara Kingdom by Star Kingdom-Drumara Clover Finns

Small Hunter – 1, Joanne Doran’s The Highwayman by Eden Mist Pride Of Thieves-Grey Rock Finnesterre; 2, Paddy O’Donnell’s Kilfarrissey Princess; 3, Leah Kent’s Lady Chapel by Tamayuz

Heavyweight Cob – 1, Frances White’s Charlie; 2, Leah Curran Browne’s Savana by Kellystown Lad-Super Mama

Lightweight Cob – 1, Anita Ronan’s Jimmy; 2, Pat Loughlan’s Cobblestone by Grange Bouncer-Kildalton Wren; 3, Stephanie Hennessy’s Knockroe Ocean Dubh by Clover Dubh-Knockroe Ocean Girl

Maxi Cob – 1, Pat Loughlan’s Bishops Lough; 2, Kieran Morrin’s Banksymoon; 3, Philip Hore’s Tilladavins Diamond by Gentle Diamond

Ridden Coloured Horse – 1, Karen Felela’s Archibald Wells by Doonkinnane Icing-Hollys Comet; 2, Faith Ponsonby’s Lavally Leader; 3, Ciara Costello’s Dolly’s Girl by Dave-Come On Doll

Racehorse to Riding Horse – 1, Richard Nolan’s Silver Skirt by Silver Patriarc; 2, Lois Chappell’s Clantara by Beneficial-Beat That; 3, Aoife O’Moore’s Acknowledge by Highest Honor-Allevamento Porta Medaglia

Champion Riding Horse – Laura Kelly’s Marley And Me by Kings Master-Bahrain Eile
Reserve – Mrs Daphne Tierney’s Bloomfield Incognigo by Alda Cruise


Open Intermediate Show Riding Type – 1, Mrs Jenny Thomas c/o Teresa Marnane, Goldsworth Sir Edward by Made For Me-Stanley Grange Rolay Apartment; 2, Patrice Byrne’s Chark Night Mist; 3, Pauline Kirwan’s Kilminchy Ridrigo by Ashfield Festy

Open Intermediate Show Hunter Type – 1, Siani Blanchfield’s Mr Boscovitz; 2, Dorothy Cahill’s Faro Indie by Kilkealy Kingdom-Lily Noir; 3, Pauline Kirwan’s Kilminchy Rodrigo

Champion Intermediate: Mrs Jenny Thomas c/o Teresa Marnane Goldsworth Sir Edward
Reserve: Siani Blanchfield’s Mr Boscovitz


Open Show Pony Riding – 1, Thistletown Stud’s Parcglas Splendid Tiara by Eskdale Splendid Venture-Fionas Delight; 2, Thistletown Stud’s My Man Honey Pot; 3, Patrice Byrne’s Chark Night Mist

Open 153cm Show Hunter Pony – 1, Siani Blanchfield’s Shannonbay Star by Windys Boy; 2, Patrice Byrne’s Chark Night Mist; 3, Siani Blanchfield’s Mr Boscovitz

Open 143cm Show Hunter Pony – 1, Nesta Fitzgerald’s Brief Encounter; 2, Brid Furlong’s Dannys Pride by Fernville Danny-Coras Lady; 3, Patrice Byrne’s One Hundred And One

Open 133cm Show Hunter Pony – 1, Elizabeth Freeman’s Moelgarnedd Bendith by Moelgarnedd Dewin; 2, Peadar Murphy’s Cullentra Gold; 3, Martha Reid’s Ahane Valiant

Champion Show Hunter Pony – Nesta Fitzgerald’s Brief Encounter
Reserve Champion – Siani Blanchfield’s Shannonbay Star

Open Show Starter Stakes – 1, Nesta Fitzgerald’s Parcglas Splendid Rainbow 2, Martha Reid’s Ahane Valiant; 3, Orla Peare’s Wec Tir na Nog.

Open Show Pony Lead Rein – 1, Aoife O.Neill’s Barkway Chorister by Beckside Little Toff –Elkesley Chanel.

Open Show Hunter Pony Lead Rein – 1, Susan O’Connor’s Muskerry Rulo by Rolston Riverdance –Llanarth Wisp. 2, Emma O’Connor’s Amesbury Honey Pot by Amesbury Manhatten – Sweet Minuet. 3,Peadar Murphy’s Cullentra Gold.

Open First Ridden Show Pony – 1, Majelly Scully’s Simply Red.

Open First Ridden Show Hunter Pony – 1, Lorraine Simmons’s Killenagh Rose.

Coloured Pony. 1, Nesta Fitzgerald’s Parcglas Splendid Rainbow; 2,Siani Blanchfield’s Mr Boscovitz; 3, John Queally’s Apache by Lucky Stripe-Valley View Rover.

Novice Lead Rein (Non Reg. IPS) Child 7-10 Years – 1, Susan O’Connor’s Trefriu Pepsi by Calypso – Tefriu Royal Ensign Rider: Oscar O’Connor; 2, Lorraine Simmons’s Killenagh Rose(Laura Simmons); 3, Claire O’Morchoe’s Sally (Una O’Dwyer); 4, Tom White’s Abby (Maeve Colfer White)

Novice Lead Rein (Non Reg. IPS) Child U.7
1, Claire O’Morchoe’s Nutmeg(Deirbhile O’Dwyer); 2, Jenny Roche’s Tic Tac.(Lily May Walsh); 3, Johnny Murphy’s BBF Toothless;(Noel Murphy); 4, Lorraine Simmons’s Killenagh Rose(Emily Simmons)

Novice Riding (Unreg IPS-Rider Under 10) – 1, Ann Barry’s Lilly, (Isabelle Barry). 2, Lorraine Simmons’s Rosslodge Kingsmill,(Emma Simmons) 3, Dorothy Cahill’s Moelgarnedd Swyn. Elise Cahill. 4, Theresa Costello’s Diamond, (Caolán Costello.)

Novice Riding (Unreg. Rider Under 12) – 1, Patrice Byrne’s One Hundred And One (Eamon Byrne); 2, Peadar Murphy’s Phoenix Boy (Kilian Murphy); 3, Sara Doran’s Goldengrove Morse Code (Flora Doran); 4, Caithlin Rossiter’s Newbay Rocks Jewel

Novice Riding (Unreg. Rider 12–17 Years) – 1, Dorothy Cahill’s Faro Indie (Atlanta Cahill); 2, Peadar Murphy’s Cullintra Gold (Leah Murphy); 3, Therese Costello’s Slievebloom Lass.(Grace Costello) 4, Martina Doran’s Dick(Julie Orchowska)

Novice Riding Coloured Pony
1, Patrice Byrne’s One Hundred And One (Eamon Byrne); 2, Ciara Murphy’s Sparkle; 3, Emma Kehoe’s Denny Lady; 4, Caithlin Rossiter’s Newbay Rocks Jewel.
Ridden M & M (Large Breeds)
1, Margaret O’Neill’s Lickeen Finbarr by Dunloughan Lad-Trixie 3rd; 2, Brid Furlong’s Danny’s Pride by Fernville Danny–Cora’s Lady; 3, Grainne Carey’s Killacloran Figaro by Aughrim King–Lady Carrick.

Ridden M & M (Small Breeds)
1, Veronica Hogan’s Gleiniant Camelot, by Tillybo Merlin-Gleiniant Capri (Rebecca Cleary); 2, Michaela Steyn-Keating’s Wian William by Downland Wayfarer – Wian Nightshade; 3, Sara Doran’s Goldengrove Morse Code by Holyoak Czar–Lemonshell Carisma

Working Hunters
Power’s Quarry Connemara Pony Championship (Qualifier) – Category A Ponies 4-6yrs 1,Q Mary Doyle’s Booley Village Breeze by West Tide Village-Ballickey Robin Rider: Gabby Clarkson; 2, Q Kate Doyle’s Kilcurry Hero by Gwennic De Goariva-Kilcurry Lady Rider: Exh

Category B Ponies 7 yrs and upwards-1, Q Mary Barry Murphy’s Corclough Claggan by I Love You Melody-Foreglass Lass Rider: Danielle Murphy; 2, Mary Jo Browne’s Creggrush Magpie by Monaghans Lough Fionn-Beckingdale Rider: Ciara Browne; 3, Miriam O’Donnell’s Knockmenagh Rocco by I Love You Melody-Flowing Mane 2nd Rider: Sarah O’Donnell

Open Working Starter Stakes – 1, Nesta Fitzgerald’s Parcglas Splendid Rainbow; 2, Elizabeth Freeman’s Moelgarnedd Bendith; 3, Martha Reid’s Ahane Valiant

Open 133 Cms Working Hunter – 1, Liz Jolly’s Ollie Boy; 2, Miriam O’Donnell’s Knockmenagh Rocco

Open 153 Cms Working Hunter – 1, Liz Jolly’s Silverspring Custard; 2, Siani Blanchfield’s Shannonbay Star; 3, John Queally’s Apache by Lucky Stripe-Valley View Rover

Open 143 cm Working Hunter – 1, Nesta Fitzgerald’s Brief Encounter (Eimear Furlong); 2, Claire Devlin’s Ralph DJ (Faye Durkan); 3, Brid Furlong’s Dannys Pride (Shavina Furlong)

Champion Working Hunter Pony – Siani Blanchfield’s Shannonbay Star
Reserve Champion – Claire Devlin’s Ralph DJ (Faye Durkan).

Novice Performance – Rider U.12yrs 1, John Codd’s Little Dolly (Edie Codd); 2, Peadar Murphy’s Phoenix Boy (Killian Murphy); 3, Jane Kelly’s Molly Malone

Novice Performance – Rider 12-17yrs 1, Emily Roche’s Snowy Blue; 2, Therese Costello’s Slievebloom Lass (Grace Costello); 3, Thistletown Stud’s Wild Stone (Iwan Teague)

Led Ponies
Pony Brood Mare – 1, Jerry Moloney’s Ardvilla Nightingale by Muskerry Cascade-Walsoken Little Grebe

Pony Foal –No Entry

Hunter Pony Youngstock 1 Yr. – 1, Rachelle Wilmott’s filly 1 yr by Glencarrig Prince-Lehid Grey

Hunter Pony Youngstock 2 & 3 yr 1, Rosie Fitzgerald’s Brandon Reepicheep by Eskdale Splendid Venture-Brandon Marietta; 2, Joanne Tottenham’s Donode Rosebay by Eden Mist Pride Of Thieves-Loughwell Rose

Show Pony Youngstock 1 Yr. 1, Barossa Stud’s Barossa Heiress by Mynach Arion-Barossa Royal Irish; 2, Barossa Stud’s Barossa Signal by Rotherwood Peter Pan-Barossa Duchesse

Show Pony Youngstock 2 & 3 yrs – No Entry

Youngstock Pony Champion – Barossa Stud’s Barossa Heiress
Reserve – Barossa Stud’s Barossa Signal.

Non – Registered Class 1 – 3 Yrs – No Entry

Connemara Pony Class 3yrs & Under – 1, Rachelle Willmott’s filly 1 yr by Glencarrig Prince-Lehid Grey; 2, Joanne Tottenham’s Donode Rosebay by Eden Mist Pride Of Thieves-Loughwell Rose; 3, Irene Ellard’s filly 3 yrs by Kilmore Diamond-Sweet Pee

Connemara Pony Class 4yrs & Over – 1, Henry Kelly’s Callowfeenish Mary by Boden Park Finnard-Callowfeenish Lady; 2, Rosaleen Symes’ Princess mare 6 yrs; 3, Margaret O’Neill’s Lickeen Finbar by Dunloughan Lad-Trixie 3rd

Pure – Bred Welsh Pony Section A & B 1 – 3 Yrs – 1, Jerry Moloney’s Barryroe Princess April filly 1 yr by Penswig Blackadder-Fortrose Lucy

Pure – Bred Welsh Pony Section A & B 4 Yrs + – 1, Veronica Hogan’s Gleniant Camelot mare 8 yrs by Tillybo Merlin; 2, Jerry Moloney’s Penwisg Blackadder black colt 11 yrs by Twyford Panache-Danglan Black Beauty; 3, Michaela Steyn-Keating’s Wian William colt 11 yrs by Downland Wayfarer-Wian Nightshade

Pure – Bred Welsh Pony Section C & D, Any Age – No entry

Part – Bred Welsh Pony Any Age Or Sex – 1, Rosie Fitzgerald’s Brandon Reepicheep

Pony Stallion – 1, Michaela Steyn Keating’s Wian William. 2, Jerry Moloney’s Penwisg Blackadder

Horse Sport Ireland Pony Champion of Champions Qualifier – Barossa Stud’s Barossa Heiress

Champion Led Pony – Barossa Stud’s Barossa Heiress
Reserve – Barossa Stud’s Barossa Signal.


Male Donkey – 1, Zoe & Ciara Walsh; 2, Shauna Walsh’s Oscar; 3, Mary McBride Jordan’s Fortonta.

Female Donkey – 1, Mary McBride Jordan’s Cloonemeen Silver.

Mare & Foal Donkey – No Entry

Yearling Donkey – No Entry

Male & Female Donkey confined to Parishes – 1, Shauna Walsh’s Oscar; 2, Zoe & Ciara Walsh; 3, Mary McBride Jordan Fortonta.

Champion Donkey – Zoe & Ciara Walsh
Reserve Champion – Shauna Walsh’s Oscar


Private Driving Class (Confined to Parishes) – 1, Thomas Walsh’s Joker.

Private Driving Class (Confined to Co Wexford) – 1, Thomas Walsh’s Joker; 2, Michael O’Brien’s Harvey.

123cm Pony or Donkey Driven to Any Vehicle – 1, Norma Cook’s Sarah Jane – donkey.

Open Driving Class –1, Thomas Walsh’s Joker; 2, Michael O’Brien’s Harvey.
28th Killinick Harriers Inter Hunt Chase

Place Team Rider
1st Killinick White Johnny Roche – Hubby
Benny Walsh – Jack
Ciara Walsh – Annie
James Rath – Hubby

2nd Scar Red Tom Reville – Bishop
Jess Reville – Pixey
Johnny Dempsey – Junior
Alannah Moss – Sunflower

Jt 3rd Killinick Rainbow Anna-Mai Stafford – Polly
Stephen Kirwan – Power
Katie Stafford – Presenting Massey
Conor Scallan – Power

Jt 3rd Mid Antrim Benny O’Keane – Tippy
Orla McGloughlan – Flynn
Fiona McGill – Myrn
Nicole Camron – Tanner

1st Killinick Green Ryan Power – Magic
Sean Staples – Spots
Maria Doyle – Blacky
Andrew Walsh – Jim

2nd Killinick White Conor Walsh – Brownie
Adam Moore – Badger
Barry Walsh – Gambler
Eoin Staples – Spot

3rd Killinick Orange Emma Cousins – Presenting Massey
Molly Berry – Hubby
Cathal Murphy – Biscuit
Lauren Cousins – Shannon

Show Jumping

Pettitt’s SuperValu Novice Show Jumping Championship (€2,500)1, Frances Sheeran’s Camross Diamond (Jason Higgins); 2, KM Sport Horses’ Killossery Kaiden (David Moran); 3, Patrick Byrne’s BGS Class Affair (Maria Byrne); 4, Edward Mulligan’s Jerpoint Clover (Paddy O’Donnell); 5, Marion Hughes’ HHS Hercules (Valentin Bernard); 6, Kilian Browne’s Sceilig Kilcoltrim (Kilian Browne).

Mr. Jim Bolger – National Grand Prix (€4,000) 1, James Weldon’s Mr Rockefeller (Vincent Byrne); 2, Eamonn Murphy’s Dondoctro Ryal K (Ger O’Neill); 3, Hugh Fitzpatrick’s ERNE Ladygoldilocks (Francis Connors); 4, Ian Smyth’s Capitol Cruis (Francis Connors); 5, Thomas Power’s Harristown Gold (Paddy O’Donnell); 6, Sharon Fitzpatrick’s Isacorada (Gerald O’Neill); 7, Hans Jurgen Kuehnle’s Chaitanya 2 (Jennifer Kuehnle); 8, Robert Power’s Doonaveeragh O One (Elizabeth Power); 9, Deirdre Bourns & Hans Jurgen Kuehnle’s Tullibards Bennys Legacy (Jessica Kuehnle); 10, Paul O’Byrne & Ger O’Neill’s Go For It (BWB) (Gerald O’Neill).

Wright Insurance Brokers 1.30m Speed Class Table C (€800) 1, Ciara Morris’s Tykillen Impact (Ciara Morris); 2, Hans Jurgen Kuehnle’s Fly Ligh (Jennifer Kuehnle); 3, Helena Rea’s Brecht Van De Romstee (Kilian Browne); 4, Jonathan Andrew’s The Hurricane (Owner); 5, Roland Dalton’s Kilfarissey Angel (Paddy O’Donnell); 6, Elizabeth Power’s HHS Comporta Beach (Owner)

138cm(80cm) – 1, Hugh Doyle’s Woodberry Jess (Owner).

138cm (80cm) – Divided, Monica Donnelly’s Cloon Gypsy Heather (Alison Donnelly); Mary Jo Browne’s Bobby Lee (Anna Browne); Mary Jackman’s Knockbrack (Eimear Jackman).
138cm (90cm) – Divided, Mary Jackman’s Knockbrack (Eimear Jackman); Marguerite Ryan’s Dolly Du Carel (Jack Ryan); Anna Marie Fitzpatrick’s Skip Around Malibu (Conor Fitzpatrick); Conrad Murray’s Ruscai Earl Boy (John Murray).

138cm (1m) 1, John Aylward’s Coppenagh Celtic Rebel (Ruari Aylward); 2, Laura Morrissey’s Millfields Killnascully (James McCloughan); 3, Madelaine Gervais’ Ballydavid Out of the Mist (Robyn Leslie); 4, Marguerite Ryan’s Dolly Du Carel (Jack Ryan); 5, Raymone Morrissey’s Diaego ( Giorgie Morrissey; 6, Conrad Murray’s Ruscai Earl Boy (John Murray).

148cm (90cm) – divided William Flanagan’s Rathruyan Girl (Charlie Flanagan); Sandra Duffy’s Jerco (Brian Kuehnle); Anne Tector’s Silver Bobbyn (Katie Tector); Mary Murphy’s Trickey Stephen D (Hannah Murphy); John Aylward’s Coppenagh Vogue (Oisin Aylward).

148cm (1m) – divided John Aylward’s Coppenagh Tom Sawyer (Oisin Aylward); Margo Barron’s Tynan Cappuccino (Mairead Barron); Patrick Murphy’s Aislings Boy (Brendan Murphy); Liz Jolly’s Silverspring Custard (Kim Jolly); Una Flynn’s Boley Boy (Rececca Curran Flynn); Mary McDonagh’s Patchwork Quilt (Orla McDonagh); Dubhain Kavanagh’s Classie Lass (Davine Murphy); Monica Cairns’ Mayday Cruise (Maria Cairns); Mary Jackman’s Clodaghs Imperial Imp (Clodagh Jackman); Mary Jo Browne’s Creggrush Maggie (Ciara Browne); Michael Doyle’s Slaney Capitalist Cruise (Oisin Aylward.

148cm (1.10m) – 1, John Aylward’s Coppenagh Tom Sparrow (Oisin Aylward); 2, John Aylward’s Coppenagh Oliver Twist (Oisin Aylward); 3, Amanda C Farr’s Whitehorn Girl (Jennifer Kuehnle); 4, Patrick Murphy’s Shersheen Gentle Breeze (Brendan Murphy); 5, Laura Morrissey’s Prince Bracken (Sarah McCloughan); 6, Mary Jackman’s Clodaghs Imperial Imp (Clodagh Jackman).

Newcomers Ponies 50cm/60cm/70cm–divided Mary Murphy’s Dolly and Ellen (Mosie Murphy); Marguerite Ryan’s Desiderata (Conor Ryan); Pat Drea’s Sunshine Sheltie (Amy Drea); Denise Barrett’s Crystals Tigerlily (Hazel Barrett); Denise Barrett’s Super Max (Hazel Barrett); Patricia Roche’s WEC Tir Na Nog (Taylor Peare).

128cm (80cm) Divided Sarah Kelly’s Pallas Fondi (Jack Kelly); Hans Jurgen Kuehnle’s Tullibards Bubble Licious (Brian Kuehnle); Laura Widger’s Tabita Captain Courageous (Jess Widger); Raymond Morrissey’s Twinkle Toes Nemo (James MacCloughan); Rachel Leslie’s Stonehavens Tweety (Vivien Leslie); Laura Morrissey’s Tullibards Silver Princess (James McCloughan).

128cm (90cm) 1, Rachel Leslie’s Stonehavens Tweety (Vivien Leslie); 2, Laura Widger’s Tabita Captain Courageous (Jess Widger); 3, Hans Jurgen Kuehnle’s Tullibards Little Legend (Brian Kuehnle); 4, Caroline Widger’s Grantstown Snoopy (Jess Widger).

Glencarrig Lady Pony League-Divided

Horses (90cm) – Divided between Marion Hughes’ HHS Lisbon (Jack O’Donohoe); Darragh Killoran’s Killahurler Doolally Sally (Owner); Marion Hughes’Carden Moon Beam (Valentin Bisnard); Marion Hughes’ HHS Florida (Jack O’Donohoe); Pauline Kirwan’s Kilminchy Rodrigo (Pauline Kirwan); Shane Roche’s Cassies Dream (Owner); Mary Doyle’s Stormy Madam (Gabrielle Clarkson); Richard Ames’ Ballinahinch Jack (Jason Higgins); Martin Walsh’s Lowhill Told U So (Jason Higgins).

1m – Divided Valerie Quigley’s Blackstairs Glen (Owner); Monica Cairns’ Sahara Breeze (Maria Cairns); Patricia Lawlor’s Lisronagh (Ciaran Flynn); Sarah Ponsonby’s Dear Cinderella (Owner); Jason Higgins’HHS Maybe (Owner); John Kennedy’s Boolavogue Harleycruise (Sarah Kennedy); Hazel Burke’s On The Bounce (Lisa O’Kane); Mary Doyle’s Glynndale Marlin (Gabrielle Clarkson); Christine Keymer’s Moon Boots (Owner); Michael Condon’s Luicruise (Jason Higgins); Eleanor Cafolla’s LSS Barbados (Paddy O’Donnell); Oliver McCarthy’s Irish Descent (Damien Doyle); Sarah Watchorn’s De-Revel M (Darragh Crowdle);

1.10m 1, Jennifer French’s Beechnut (Owner); 2, Johnny Widger’s Citareusa (Owner); 3, Monica Cairns’ Sahara Breeze (Maria Cairns); 4, Johnny Widger’s Aquino De Pravia (Owner); 5, Marion Casey’s Ballyknock Fountain Boy (Jason Higgins); 6, Edward Kelly’s Mrs Poppins (Shane Nolan).
1.20m – Divided Jonathan Andrew’s The Hurricane (Owner); Shane Moran’s Castlemitchell Jacklyn (Owner); Patrick Byrne’s BGS Ocean View (Owner); M J Kavanagh’s Ballycapple Heather (Eimear Murphy); Margaret Power’s Creevagh Miss Ferro SL (Elizabeth Power).


Class 1 – Bd Intro A (Walk & Trot Test only)
1, Rachel Lawlor – Mr Tobias; 2, Tonya Fortune – Paddy Sox; 3, Sarah Murphy – Bella.

Class 2 – IPC Novice Eventing – 2013
1, Anne Clune – Ragazella Bella; 2, Clara Costello – Dollys Girl.

Class 3 – BE90 Test 95 – 2012
1, Anne Clune – Ragazella Bella; 2, Muriel Kehoe – Future Plans; 3, Jason Cullen – Eabhas Lad.

Class 4 – BE 100 Test 102 – 2010
No Entry

Class 5 – BE 100 Test 110 – 2012
No Entry

Class 6 – BD Prelim 10 – 2002
1, Nessa O’Sullivan – Moondance.

Tom Doyle Perpetual Plaque – highest dressage score (confined to local adult riders) Anne Clune – Ragazella Bella.

Suffolk Ram, 1 Shear and Upwards
1, Pat Rossiter; 2, John Martin; 3, Michael & Sarah O’Neill.

Suffolk Ewe 1 Shear and Upwards
1, Aeron James; 2, Aeron James; 3, Podge & Jack Bolger.

Suffolk Ram Lamb
1, Michael Clarke; 2, John Martin; 3, Greg Rossiter.

Suffolk Ewe Lamb
1, Greg Rossiter; 2, Podge & Jack Bolger; 3, Greg Rossiter.

Champion Suffolk: Michael Clarke (Ram Lamb)
Reserve Champion: Greg Rossiter (Ewe Lamb)

Texel Ram One Shear & Upwards
1, Tom Whelan; 2, John Mulcahy.

Texel Ewe One Shear & Upwards
1, John Neville, Brownstown; 2, Tom Whelan; 3, Tom Whelan.

Texel Ram Lamb
1, Tom Whelan; 2, Tom Whelan.

Texel Ewe Lamb
1, Tom Whelan; 2, Tom Whelan.

Champion Texel – Tom Whelan
Reserve – John Neville
Pedigree Charollais Ram –
1, Michael & Sarah O’Neill; 2, Pat Rossiter.

Pedigree Charollais Ewe – 1, Michael & Sarah O’Neill; 2, M & S O’Neill; 3, Paddy & Mary D’Arcy.

Pedigree Charollais Ram Lamb
1, June Harpur; 2, J.P. Furlong, The Leap, Adamstown; 3, Paddy & Mary D’Arcy.

Pedigree Charollais Ewe Lamb
1, Michael & Sarah O’Neill; 2, Paddy & Mary D’Arcy; 3, Ml & Sarah O’Neill.

Champion Charollais – Michael & Sarah O’Neill (Charollais Ram)
Reserve – Michael & Sarah O’Neill (Charollais Ewe)

1, Brendan Carthy, Knocktown, Duncormick; 2, Matthew Kehoe, Glen Richards, Courtown; 3, Brendan Carthy.

1, Brendan Carthy; 2, Matthew Kehoe; 3, Matthew Kehoe.

Any Other Breed
Ram/Ram Lamb
1, Shay Kennedy, Churchtown Hill, Carrick on Suir, Co. Waterford; 2, Philip Jordan, Rathangan; 3, Pat Foley, Blalypreacus, Bunclody.

Ewe /Ewe Lamb
1, Brian Jordan; 2, Jimmy & Maria Smyth, Ballydaniel, Camolin; 3, Jimmy & Maria Smyth.

Champion Any other Breed – Brian Jordan
Reserve – Shay Kennedy

Cross Bred
Lamb Shown By Person Under 12
1, Aeron James; 2, Siobhan Rossiter, Newtown, Bannow; 3, Darragh Jones, Scurlough Bush, Duncormick

Pure Bred Ram – 1 Shear and Upwards
1, Bertie Warren, Clonjordan, Ballindaggin; 2, Philip Jordan; 3, Mark Crowley, Ballycashin, Butlerstown, Co. Waterford.

Cross Bred Ewe, 2 Shear and Upwards That Has Reared Lambs This Season
1 & 2, Brian Jordan; 3, Ken Rothwell.

Cross Bred Shearling Ewe
1, Brian Jordan; 2, Jim Murphy, Ballinclay, Ballyhogue; 3, Shay Kennedy.

Cross Bred Ewe Lamb
1, Brian Jordan; 2, Ken Rothwell; 3, Brian Jordan.

Butchers Lamb
1 & 2, Brian Jordan; 3, Ken Rothwell.

Export Lamb – Not Exceeding 42kgs
1, John Neville; 2, Kent Bros., Adamstown; 3, Ken Rothwell.

Pair of Pedigree Ewe Lambs
1, Greg Rossiter; 2, June Harpur; 3, Tom Whelan.

Pair of Non Pedigree Ewe Lambs
1 & 2, Brian Jordan; 3, Ciaran Mernagh, Rath, Duncormick.

Champion Cross Bred – Brian Jordan (CB Ewe)
Reserve – John Neville

Female Goat
1, Teresa Moore, Ashfield, Ballickmoyler, Carlow, 2, Darren Moore, s/a.

Goatling 1 – 2 Yrs
1, Darren Moore; 2, Teresa Moore.

Female Kid – Over 2 Months
1, Darren Moore; 2, Evelyn Moore; 3, Tom Whelan.

Non – Registered Goat (Farm Goat) –
1, Darren Moore, Teresa Moore.

Goat Handled By Child –
1, Shauna Walsh, Knocktown, Duncormick; 2, Ava Whelan, Barmoney, Ballyhogue; 3, Claire Whelan, Barmoney.

Male Kid U. 1 Yr –
1 & 2, Tom Whelan.

Male Goat over 1 Yr –
1, Thomas Barry, Longraigue, Foulksmills; 2, Nicky Jordan, Robinstown, Duncormick; 3, Thomas Barry.

Bantam Hard Feather –
1, Pat Kehoe, Ryleen, New Ross; 2, Dale O’Connor.

Bantam Heavy Soft Feather
1 & 2, Chris Whelan, Kilmacleague East, Dunmore East, Co. Waterford.

Bantam Light Soft Feather
1-3, Dale O’Connor.

True Bantam
1-3, Matthew Kehoe, Glenrichards, Courtown.

Large Fowl Hard Feather
No Entry.

Large Fowl Heavy Soft Feather
1, Chris Whelan; 2, Ciaran Mernagh, Rath.

Large Fowl Light Soft Feather
1, Matthew Kehoe, 2,Pat Kehoe, Ryleen, New Ross; 3, Matthew Kehoe.

1, Pat Kehoe; 2, Ciaran Mernagh.

Bantam Waterfowl
1 & 2, Matthew Kehoe.

Utility Fowl
1, Pat Kehoe.

Rare Breeds (Split-Males)
1, Dale O’Connor; 2 & 3, Pat Kehoe.

Rare Breeds (Split-Females)
1 & 2, Dale O’Connor.
Junior Class – Under 14 (Split-Male)
1, Alizhan Dietvorst, Seafield, Duncormick; 2, Holly Curran, Ablintown, Murrintown; 3, Darren Taylor.

Junior Class – Under 14 (Female Birds)
1, Pat Kehoe; 2, Darren Taylor; 3, Holly Curran.

Best Plate of 3 Eggs
1, John Forristal, Finchogue, New Ross; 2, Gus Carthy, Adamstown; 3, Amy Casey, Barmoney.

Decorated Egg
1, Leo Gazeley, Bridgetown South; 2, Alex Ffrench, Johnstown; 3, Bridget Nolan, Oldcourt, Ballykelly.

Champion Bantam – Pat Kehoe –

Champion Large Fowl – Chris Whelan

Champion Waterfowl – Matthew Kehoe

Overall Champion Poultry Section – Chris Whelan
Childrens Pets Corner

Small Furry Animal
1 & 2, Chloe Cardiff-Clancy, The Old Thatch, Robinstown.

Large Furry Animal
1, Chloe Cardiff-Clancy; 2 & 3, Bobby Jones Scurlogue Bush; 4, Noel Banville, Little Cullenstown.

Small Feathered Bird – No Entry

Large Feathered Bird – No Entry

Mother and Brood
1, Michaela Walsh; 2, Kitty Long, Rath; 3, Lillie Feleki, Weneystown, Duncormick.

Any Other Variety
1, Susan Furlong, Barntown.

Overall Champion in Pets Corner –
Chloe Cardiff Clancy.

Bannow & Rathangan Show 2015 – Results Cattle Classes

Young Handler – 1, Ciara Roche, Slevoy, Foulksmills; 2, Paddy White, Knockbine, Ballymitty; 3, Daniel Doyle, Ballagh, Adamstown; 4, Caoimhe Hogan, Claregalway, Co. Galway

Open Dairy Breed, calf born after 1/9/2014 – 1, Denis Roche, Slevoy, Foulksmills, Slevoy Queen; 2, Nora & James Concannon, Claregalway, Co. Galway Montaigh Bailey Grace; 3, Denis Roche’s Slevoy Molly 3rd

Maiden Heifer, born after 1/1/2013 – 1, Denis Roche’s Slevoy Biscuit; 2nd Kerry Smith, St. Margarets, Co. Dublin Killirsk Fanny 3rd; 3, Nora & James Concannon Montaigh Belle

Supreme Dairy Champion- ??????

Beef Calf Male, Any Breed, Non Pedigree, born after 01.01.2015
1, Owen O’Neill, Coolnacuppogue, Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow; 2, Owen O’Neill; 3, Thomas & Barbara Sinnott, Ballymanane, Killinick

Beef Calf Female, Any Breed, born after 01.01.2015
1, Owen O’Neill,; 2, Melvin Masterson, Rathnure, Enniscorthy; 3, Thomas & Barbara Sinnott

Beef Calf Male, Any Breed, born between 01.09.2014 and 31.12.2014
1, Owen O’Neill; 2, Joe Ryan Norristown Farm, Cleariestown, 3, Nicky & Wayne Hayes, Kilmannon, Cleariestown

Beef Calf Female, Any Breed, born between 01.09.2014 and 31.12.2014
1, Paddy Kavanagh, Drumgoold Lr., Enniscorthy; 2, Nicky & Wayne Hayes; 3, Joe Ryan

Beef Calf, Any Breed, Non Pedigree, Confined to Parishes of Bannow, Rathangan, Kilmore & Taghmon
1, Nicky & Wayne Hayes; 2, Joe Ryan; 3, Nicky & Wayne Hayes

Beef Animal, Any Breed, Non Pedigree, less than 2 yrs.
1, Melvin Masterson; 2, Owen O’Neill; 3, Nicky & Wayne Hayes

Supreme Commercial Champion-Owen O’Neill

Irish Moiled
Male Calf born on or after 1/1/2014
1, Mark McConnell, Castlefin, Co. Donegal Macmann Donegal Danny Boy s. Macmann Bullagh Bós Dam: Macmann Strawberry
Female Calf born on or after 1/1/2014
1, Margaret Edgill, Daingean, Co. Offaly Glassdrummond Cherry 76 s. Clandeboye Defenser Dam: Glassdrummond Cherry 41; 2, Mark McConnell Gortluchra P s. Springfield Unique Dam: Gortluchra Bluebell; 3, Seamus Holmes, Lifford, Co. Donegal Dungallia Dairine s. Atlantic Champion Dam: Dungallia Cassie

Cow in calf or with calf (penned)
1, Mark McConnell Gortluchra Bluebell s. Gortluchra Big Hugh Dam: Gortluchra Heather; 2, Seamus Holmes Dungallia Cora s. Gurraghmakeely Timbuck Dam: Drummenagh Amber; 3, James White, Knockbine, Ballymitty Belgrove Joy s. Pennielea Perseus Dam: Belgrove Sunset

Bull over 2 yrs.
1, James White Tully Jack s. Bellevue Owen Dam: Aughnakeaile Bonnie; 2, Tom Hourigan, Knocklong, Co. Limerick s. Atlantic Champion Dam: Ballyshanny Rose

Supreme Irish Moiled Champion-Mark McConnell Gortluchra Bluebell
Male Calf born on or after 1/7/2014
1, Nicky & Wayne Hayes Kilmannon Jackson s. Oural Dam: Cloonagh East Faith; 2, Alaister Swift, Monfin, Enniscorthy Monfin Jocelyn; 3, Nicky & Wayne Hayes Kilmannon Jacksie s. Boley House Humphrey Dam: Ban Na Buaile Fiona

Female Calf born on or after 1/7/2014
1, Paddy Kavanagh Drumgoold Julia s. Coquin Dam; Fianna Herd Grainne; 2, Patrick Doyle, Kyle Bunclody, s. Foucon Dam: Kyle Herd Hydie; 3, Alaster Swift Monfin Jolie

Male or Female born on or before 1/8/2014
1, Paddy Kavanagh Drumgoold Innis ET s. Ronchon Dam: Aylesbury Farm Becky; 2, Patrick Doyle male s. Azimut Dam: Camelia; 3, Alaster Swift Monfin Justin

Supreme Parthenaise Champion – Paddy Kavanagh Drumgoold Innis ET s. Ronchon Dam: Aylesbury Farm Becky
Dog Show

Working Utility Dog
1, Margo Reilly; 2, John Kehoe; 3, Tina Egan.

Sheep Dog
1, Ann Buckley; 2, Yvonne Reeves.

Puppy Class
1, Michelle Walsh; 2, Emelie Stridh; 3, Yvonne Byrne.

Gundog (Male Or Female)
1, Kate Rzyman; 2, Michelle Walsh; 3, B Kennedy.

Sporting Terrier
1, Kathryn Murphy; 2, Mark Kells; 3, Brian Reeves.

Toy Breeds (Any Miniature Breed)
1, Kathleen Murphy; 2, Eleanor Walsh; 3, Brian Reeves.

Dog (Non-Pedigree)
1, Susan Hearne; 2, Claire Doran; 3, Eleanor Walsh.

Groomed Dog
1, Grace McGuire; 2, Yvonne Reeves; 3, Ann Buckley.

Dog- Any Breed (Handled By A Child U-12 Years)
1, Rachel Redmond; 2, Bryan Kennedy; 3, Claire Doran.

Dog Handled By A Lady
1, Margo Reilly; 2, Kate Rzyman; 3, Michelle Walsh.

Dog Handled By A Gent
1, Eoin McDonald; 2, B. Kennedy; 3, Mark Kells.

Dog You Would Like To Take Home
1, Suzie Hayes; 2, Kathryn Kehoe; 3, Katie Hennessy.

Dog – Any Breed
1, Jim McGrath; 2, Kathleen Murphy; 3, Eleanor Walsh.

Champion Dog of Show – Margo Reilly, Coonogue, Adamstown.
Reserve – Kate Rzyman, Ballyvaldon, Blackwater.

Sheep Dog Trials
1, Ned O’Keeffe (Tina); 2, Claire Cashen, Screen (Clare); 3, Toddy Lambe, Curracloe (Patch); 4, Ned O’Keeffe (Jess); 5, Frank Cashen, Screen (Jip); 6, Maura Ryan, Ballindaggin (Ned)

Novice/Beginner Class
1, Bernie Carroll (Dawn); 2, Brendan Finn (Nell); 3, Brendan Finn (Bonnie); 4, Eoghan Cullen (Floss).

1 €300 Ann Bent, Burrow, Rosslare Strand; 2, €200 Shauna Walsh, Knocktown, Duncormick; 3, €100 Helen Gannon, Coolcliffe, Foulksmills; 4, €80 Paul Ffrench, Bannow; 5, €50 Hugh Dunne, Galbally, Ballyhogue; 6, €50 Mamie Murphy, Kilbride, Duncannon; 7, €50 Fr. Felix Byrne, Monaseed, Gorey; 8, €50 Jessie Bates, c/o Caroline McPhilips, Arthurstown; 9, €50 Larry Costello, Gusserane; 10, €50 Paddy Murphy, Commons, Duncormick.