9.00am Dressage Classes.
9.30am Judging of Pony Classes – (Ring No’s. 6, 8 & 10)
9.30am Judging of Riding Horses (Ring’s 4 & 5)
10.00am Judging of Pony Classes – Ring No 7
10.00am Judging of Led Pony Classes – (Ring 10, Galway Crystal Ring).
10.00am Judging of In Hand Horses. (Rings 1,2 &3)
10.00am Arena 1 – Show Jumping.
10.00am Sheep Dog Trial.
10.00am K9 Detect & Find – (Dog Ring)
10.30am Arena 2,3 – Show Jumping.
11.00am approx Thoroughbred Brood Mare. (Ring 10)
11.30am Cookery, Crafts, Flowers, Photography Judging.
11.30am Judging of Young Handlers in Cattle Section
11.30am Sheep Judging.
11.30am Pets Corner Judging
12.00 noon Judging of Cattle and Goats.
12.00 noon Unregistered Rustic Pole Jumping (Ring 9)
12.00 noon Poultry Judging
1.30pm Final of 3 Year Old Horse All Ireland Championship”,(Ring 10, Class 28)
1.30pm Dog Show.
2.00pm Driving Competition, (Ring 1&2 Brood Mare Rings).
2.30pm Working Hunter Horse. (Ring 5)
4.00pm approx. Parade of Vintage Machinery (Ring 10, Galway Crystal Ring)
After Vintage K9 Detect & Find (Ring 10, Galway Crystal Ring)

Events in ‘The Courtyard’
11.30am Joe Daly, The Magician.
12.15pm Music with Tony Jeffers.
1.00pm Joe Daly, The Magician.
2.00pm Fun and Games for Children with Liam Sharky, John O’Reilly &Co.
3.00pm Fashion Show with fashions by Wallaces of Wellingtonbridge.
Craft Central in the Courtyard throughout the day.

Events in ‘Food Village’
The Semi Final of the Junior and Senior All Ireland Cook Off Championship
Cookery Demonstrations by Chef Adrian.

Other Events
2.30 – 4.00pm Music with T&N
4.00pm – 6pm Olivia Douglas.